Carolyn N.


Our daughter's wedding was held at The Oakeside Mansion. We had many friends and family fly up for the wedding and we were concerned about what the service, the food, and the presentation would be like since we were going only on the written reviews.  We were pleasantly surprised. The wedding reception was a major success. Our guests raved about the entire evening. We had an 1 1/2 hr. happy hour. The stations were set up in the home and on the wrap around porch. What an impressive display! All the food was fresh, hot, and delicious. The dinner was also excellent. The Chilean Sea Bass was generous and well prepared. The Filet was tender and ample.

We went to the mansion earlier the day of the wedding. The staff was setting up the tables and was prepping in the kitchen and around the mansion, as to my daughter's previous directions. They followed her plan, but I noticed the floors in the dining room needed to be swept more thoroughly. I asked for a broom and swept the floor. I also had the staff re-clean all the glasses and dinner plates. The staff very graciously did as I asked, but if I had not come earlier, the issues I mentioned would not have been addressed.

When there is a function the previous day, better cleaning needs to be done. They need an industrial broom and a leaf blower to do a more thorough job of cleaning up the grounds and floors.

I also checked the dinner chairs. I borrowed scissors and cut many stray threads hanging from the seats and found a broken seat which was quickly replaced. The same goes for the chairs used for a garden wedding ceremony, some are in bad shape.

The last minute we found a trellis placed where the ceremony was to be held, but if we had known ahead of time that a trellis would be provided, we would not have had to pay for an alternate from the florist. That is where communication prior to the wedding is crucial.

The staff was terrific during the reception and happily catered to our requests. We were given all the leftovers wrapped and ready to take home.

I would recommend Frungillo Caterers. Our guests are still talking about the food and the presentation. My daughter did not have a wedding planner, but she worked closely with her vendors and her wedding and theme were carried out as near to perfect as one could hope to have for her special day.

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