Overall Rating:   hearts-four-seven-five

hearts five

We were so happy with the services at Frungillos! The staff was very helpful, cooperative, and friendly. We enjoyed the service and the venue so much we planned another event there! Thank you Frungillo’s!

hearts four half

If you want to have a flawless experience on your wedding day, call Frungillo’s and ask for Inez. He was amazing through the entire process of planning- he was responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. When we first called Frungillo’s, we were worried that there would be an issue with responsiveness- but as soon as Inez jumped on board with us the whole process was streamlined. I would give both the dining hall service and the staff appearance an A+, as they were all so courteous and helpful.

The last note I have is just to say how great the cake was. All of the guests raved about the food and the presentation, but we were more impressed with the cake. Nothing could have made our wedding day more memorable!

hearts five

Our wedding with Frungillo’s was amazing. The guests loved the venue, and they said they would be just as quick to recommend it as we are. The food and drink service was excellent, and the venue was beautiful, especially the dining room! The guests and ourselves were very impressed with the service as well, being they all raved about the maitre’d’ and wait staff after the ceremony! All we could ask for was a seamless day for the wedding of our dreams, and that is exactly what we got! Not to mention the easiest booking and sales team we could have asked to work with. Thank you for making our wedding so great Frungillo’s!

hearts five

Our wedding was truly the night of our dreams! The service was fantastic; all of the waiters and waitresses went above and beyond the call and our guests are still raving about them! The venue was gorgeous and the ceremony went off without a hitch. The only issue we had was with the food- the chicken was a little dry and the food was warm instead of hot. Even though this was a bit of an issue, the service and the venue more than made up for it. Between the venue, the service, and the representative from Frungillo’s I would be more than happy to recommend them to my friends and family! Thank you Frungillo’s!

hearts five

My wedding at Oakside was truly the wedding of my dreams. The food was amazing, the wait staff was professional, and Inez the maitre’d’ was a star! Once we saw the venue we knew that it was the place we HAD to have our wedding. The guests raved about the food, and the booking process was beyond easy for us. With the service, the food, and the venue being impeccable there is no way we would not recommend Oakside to our friends and family!