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Jessica and Frances

hearts five

The staff at Frungillo’s was gracious and extremely professional. All of our guests raved about the quality of the food and the presentation of it- especially the signature cocktail presentation area. Brunelli was amazing to work with, and Nancy was always around when we needed her. We were thoroughly impressed when we saw Angel gardening by himself the evening before our wedding. He worked hard and was always cool, calm, and collected! Brunelli left her mark with amazing hospitality, her friendly personality, and easy-going temperament. She made herself available to us constantly, no questions asked!

Thank you for hosting one of the best days of our lives!

P.S.- The cake was AMAZING, not just in taste but also in appearance!

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Lemore S.

hearts five

In the past few weeks while catching up with our family and friends, there have only been rave reviews for the food and service provided at our event! It was a rather difficult job in the summer heat and cooking from the garage that Ron and his team were in, but they came through and pulled our event off without a hitch. A big thank you to Eddie and once again to Ron and his team for making our event extra special!

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Maria and Justin D,

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Our wedding at Oakside Manor was everything we could have ever wanted and more! The highlight of our night (besides the ceremony, of course) was the cocktail hour that was set up for us! It was amazing! All of our guests said that the food during this time was delicious, and we could not have asked for anything better. Oakside Manor was beautiful, and our maître’d Inez was great from start to finish. Amy from Frungillo’s was easy to work with and always went above and beyond our needs and requests. Thank you Frungillo’s for a perfect night!

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102nd CAV Association, The Essex Troop

hearts five

We were so happy with the services at Frungillos! The staff was very helpful, cooperative, and friendly. We enjoyed the service and the venue so much we planned another event there! Thank you Frungillo’s!

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Caroline O.

hearts four half

If you want to have a flawless experience on your wedding day, call Frungillo’s and ask for Inez. He was amazing through the entire process of planning- he was responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. When we first called Frungillo’s, we were worried that there would be an issue with responsiveness- but as soon as Inez jumped on board with us the whole process was streamlined. I would give both the dining hall service and the staff appearance an A+, as they were all so courteous and helpful.

The last note I have is just to say how great the cake was. All of the guests raved about the food and the presentation, but we were more impressed with the cake. Nothing could have made our wedding day more memorable!

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