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Casey C.


Frungillo catered my wedding at the Inn at Millrace Pond and the day went better than we could have imagined and was absolutely everything we could have asked for. I worked with John leading up to our wedding- he is very responsive and knowledgeable at the Inn and was very accommodating and understanding of a dietary restriction one of my guests had. He eased any fears I had and I trusted him that our day would go as planned. John was great to work with and offered great suggestions. The service from what I experienced was fine - I did not have much interaction with servers or bartenders as I was constantly talking to someone or people were bringing me drinks, but I didn't hear anything bad. I heard the cocktail hour food was great and everyone seemed to enjoy their dinner. Our cake was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Our Maitre'd Angel was great! The day ran so smoothly because of him and I felt like I was in great hands! The staff setting up the tent and doing all the prep the day of set everything up perfectly and I was impressed with how great everything looked. I was told I would hear from the Maitre'd a week in advance and only heard from him 2 days before so I got a little nervous, but everything turned out fine! The only negative feedback I have is that they charged us to put the gold chairs under the tent and use the wooden chairs on the lawn for the ceremony (I was told the standard was metal fold-out chairs go on the lawn and the white wooden chairs in the tent)-why charge for this? I would have expected Frungillo to invest in using the better quality chairs as the standard as it looks classier and more elegant. Our experience at the Inn was truly wonderful thanks to Frungillo. I highly recommend using them for your wedding - it is very clear they know how to put on a great wedding and really do all of the hard work for you. Thanks Frungillo- our wedding was PERFECT!!

Dominic D.

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