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Exciting to make this review... As I looked back to September 20th of 2015 my heart is filled with the most nostalgic feeling about our wedding, and how beautifully John Fucci made our day. Every detail, every gesture, did not go unnoticed by our guest and ourselves, it is hard to believed how hard John and his entire staff worked behind the scenes to make everything look absolutely effortlessly. Thank you John from the bottom of our hearts you got yourself your number # 1 fans you are truly amazing in what you do. So let me tell you all about our experience from the staff, to the bartender, to the food, to the atmosphere... Our wedding was held at the beautiful Inn at Millrace Pond, when I first contacted Frungillo Caterers I was quite overwhelmed finding a venue that catered small intimate weddings and long and behold we meet John fucci!! He was extraordinary from the moment we met, he explained the whole process of our wedding all the options we had and willingness to accommodate any guest which was very important since we had couple guest request.

The Big day arrived and I was privileged to meet the staff who worked behind the scenes who put our wedding together and I felt so grateful. Now to the staff who were present at our reception I must say they were exceptional!! They were courteous, friendly and most of all so detail oriented it was so lovely to see how much they care about making every moment count !!Huge thanks to Sarah she was an amazing with capital letters. Now to the bartender... I have never seen anyone have so much fun with our guest he was very popular and willing to take selfies with us soo cool! In regards to our food and our atmosphere one-word exquisite. Thank you for all you did John and the top notch staff at frungillo caterers.

Sincerely, Johana & Tim

Casey C.

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